Client Stories

  • Leading during challenging situations

    “[John] created a tailored program with a combination of group and personal projects based on the team and each designer's needs. At times he took us all out of our comfort zone, knowing how to challenge and push towards action.”

    Meet Nicola
  • Uncovering assumptions to propel performance

    “Two qualities John exhibited were being a great listener and acting as a great mirror. He excelled at reflecting what he thought he heard and this quality helped a lot in helping me determine what I really needed to focus on. ”

    Meet Karl-Henri
  • Developing a new leader

    “[Working with John] never felt onerous, forced, or superficial. I truly enjoyed my time with John, and would strongly recommend working with him”

    Meet George
  • Empowering a leader and her 35-person team

    “I would highly recommend [John] to CEOs and other organizational leaders who need to make changes but don’t know where to start.”

    Meet Nikki
  • Entering a new role with confidence

    “Working with John boosted my confidence which resulted in positive and observable differences in how I operate and how I am perceived by my managers and peers.”

    Meet Leslie
  • Honing executive presence

    “In a few short months, my actions are intentional, purposeful, measured and impactful, and I truly have John to thank for helping me see that I have always had the tools, however simply needed to sharpen and hone them.”

    Meet Sherazade